"Praise the Lord, For His MERCY endures forever! "


A VERY IMPORTANT MEETING for ALL Sunday School & Wednesday night teachers, Safety Team, Check-in personnel, Altar Workers, Ushers & Elders will be held on June 24 (10 am - noon) in the FLC.  Please plan to attend. See Pastor Tod for details.

A MISSION REPORT and video presentation will be given by Rev. Don Seeders on Sunday evening, June 25.  This will be an informative and exciting report concerning his recent missionary trip and upcoming plans for sharing the gospel.     

A ROYAL RANGERS CAMP OUT (at the Baptist Retreat) is planned for July 14 &  15. The camp out will begin Friday at 9 am and continue through Saturday at 5 pm.  Please see a Commander for more info.     

A PARENT TRAINING SESSION will be held on Saturday, July 15 (5:00 pm - 6:30 pm) with pediatrician Dr. John Tiffany, MD as the guest speaker.  He will speak on the topic of immunizations, childhood illnesses and preventative maintenance.  Child Care will be provided.  See Juanita Bell or Carolyn Cook for more information.  

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL is July 16-19 at 6 pm!  The theme this year is STAR VOYAGER!  Please make note of the dates and plan for your children to attend!

"SHEKELS OF MERCY EQUALS LOVE"  fundraiser to benefit the Preschool Department's classroom remodeling and upgrade project concludes today.  If you have not already done so, please turn your baby bottle filled with your change in at the check-in station. THANK YOU so much  for your help with this project!  

REVIVAL WITH BISHOP TIM OLDFIELD is planned for August 6-8!  Please make note of these dates and plan to attend.  We believe this revival is key to what God has ahead for our church! Invite your family and friends and  please be in prayer for these services.

June 25 @ 4pm!
Any teen 13 years old and up interested,
PLEASE join in for a FUN time at Internationals
 (July 31-Aug 5)!
See Ms. Heather Wilson for more info.